Common to all services


User interface

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  • Handles touch and keyboard-based devices.

  • Tab-based user Interface.

  • Action bar with customizable number of buttons for all platforms (Touch screen only).

  • Holo UI for Android version > 4

  • Customize user interface for your device (Screen transitions, fonts, icon size, zoomed list’s item, virtual keyboard, scrolling…).

  • Multiple items list selection for grouping commands.

  • Internal text/image clipboard.

  • Access device’s system text clipboard.

  • Customize header bar for each service.

  • Display/hide bottom menu bar.

  • Customizable shortcuts menu for Twitter and Jabber IM services.

  • Translate chat or simple message (Android only).

  • Optional master password when application launches.

  • Set application in silent mode.


  • Manage your contacts (VCARD+Avatar) in a single database shared by all services.

  • Import/export contacts from/to your device’s contacts base.

  • Forward message, link or media received by a service ( IM, Twitter, Mail, Bluetooth) to the others.

  • Create predefined messages.

  • Archive contacts, conversations, chat rooms, multimedia content and files in your handset.

  • Built-in smiley support.

  • Build-in Media HTTP downloader for URLs embedded in messages which allows you to directly download and display multimedia content pointed by URLs.

  • Launch your handset internet browser if a message/conversation/chat room contains an URL.

  • Forward link to ReadItLater.

  • Put any content on DropBox and share it by link.

  • Display directly a received multimedia file (image/audio/video) in a simple message and conversation.

  • Use built-in media manager for record photo, audio, video or use device’s media application.

  • Upload media on Tweeter media provider (Twitpic, Plixi, YFrog) or DropBox and paste link in an IM (message, conversation, group chat), Twitter(tweet, direct message) or Mail message.

  • Create draft IM, Twitter(tweet/direct) or Mail message and send it when connected.

  • Data low consumption mode available for all services.

  • Data counter management available for all services.

  • Dynamic service activation on start up.

Location and map tools


  • Set you location with GPS or manually

  • Built-in Map viewver or use GMaps app on android