April 30th, 2015


Facebook will deactivate the XMPP Chat API.

See: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/chat

Bluejabb IM for Facebook will no longer be able to connect to your Facebook account at this date.

Bluejabb IM for Facebook has been unpublished from Google Play and Blackberry AppWorld.

We apologize.


December 1st, 2014


German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Italian , Czech, Finish, Swedish, Dutch, Polish and Ukrainian translations has been added.

    These translations are machine translations best fake breitling
    and can be very approximates, the cost of professional translations is too expensive.

    If you want to help us to translate Bluejabb, send a request to bluejabb.translation@gmail.com indicating your target language

    You must have a Google account.

    A good level in technical English is also required as the source language is in English.

    Thanks for your help.

    Bluejabb support team


January 14th, 2014


Twitter service in Bluejabb

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